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Carlton Public School has a reputation for innovative practice, high academic achievement, excellent sporting programs and an emphasis on children learning other languages as well as English in a quality, caring environment.              
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1 K-2 Assembly

K-2 Assembly

from 02:00PM to 02:15PM

The Assembly will be held at the school hall. Parents are welcome to attend and to watch their children have their awards been presented and can take the opportunity to update the school's latest news.

2 Kogarah HS Tra...

Kogarah HS Transition Programme

from 09:30AM to 09:45AM

The transition programme is designed for year 5 students to experience and to prepare socially, academically and emotionally for their early years of high school.

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8 Stage 2 Assemb...

Stage 2 Assembly

from 11:30AM to 11:45AM

The Assembly will be held at 11:30am.

Stage 1 Assemb...

Stage 1 Assembly

from 12:30PM to 12:45PM

The Assembly will be held at 12:30pm.

9 10 Presentation D...

Presentation Day

from 09:00AM to 03:00PM

Various kinds of awards will be presented to those outstanding,talented and hardworking through the year students. Parents are welcome to attend. Year 3-6 at 9:30am and K-2 at 11:45am.

11 Stage 3 Assemb...

Stage 3 Assembly

from 11:30AM to 11:45AM

The Assembly will be held 11:30am.

12 PSSA Sports Pr...

PSSA Sports Presentation Day

from 09:00AM to 03:00PM

Parents are welcome to watch their children be presented with their outstanding various awards in sports academy.

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15 16 School Picnic ...

School Picnic Day

from 09:00AM to 03:00PM

To celebrate the hard work that the students have done this year, all stages have organised a picnic day in different events to mark the end of the year.

17 Last School Da...

Last School Day

from 09:00AM to 03:00PM

Hope all families will have a festive and safe holiday!

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Cancellation of school excursions to Sydney CBD

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